2017 Moab Event:

This year we are opening up the event to anyone with a Hummer or HMMWV. This year is also a fund-raiser for our friend and athlete whom we sponsor Stephen Garbett who races Skeleton for TeamUSA (Steve is on the US National Team and we look forward to seeing him in the Olympics next winter).

Because this is a fund-raiser the event fee will be $175/pp. We will have a big dinner (prepared by Chef Steve from Dyad) for everyone the first night. Professional photography/videography provided by Dyad Ventures (Dyad.Ventures) .

Event fee includes: free technical support (when you break your shit we fix it for free within reason, you pay for parts), photography and videography, professional trail leadership, and vehicle recovery class available whenever someone gets stuck, and dinner the first night at our kick-off party.

Event 1

Event 2