Duramax Conversion

Note about Duramax Conversions:

We do not (and never will) have a conversion kit for the Duramax engine. However, please see our Cummins conversion page instead (that actually fits).  We think the Duramax is a great engine BUT it just doesn’t fit properly in this vehicle.  The Duramax doesn’t fit: it didn’t fit well in the 2006 Hummer Alpha and the idea of putting in a donor motor from a Chevy pickup with the exhaust output on the wrong side is even worse.Eric Ward has many years of experience in fixing these conversions.

In 2016 repairing botched conversion jobs made up about 15% of our annual labor. So if you’re already unfortunate enough to have a botched conversion job we are pretty good at trying to fix those. We have never seen a Duramax conversion job done well. The issues are usually always the same with botched conversion jobs weather it’s a Duramax, homemade Cummins conversion, or the big gas engine stuff we see.


If you have a Duramax conversion Hummer that needs work please call our office. We won’t bid this type of job over the phone or with a couple pictures but if you send the truck out to us we will fix what we can. Repairing a botched conversion can cost as little as a couple grand to clean up a few details to about $35-40k for a complete “re do” which some customers prefer.