Electrical Distribution Box

Big Dog Off Road – Electrical

Big Dog Off Road – Electrical We offer both a 5-circuit and 10-circuit electrical distribution box!   These can be used in Hummers or really any type of vehicle to add aftermarket electronics that want both fused and relayed circuits.  Each low-amperage signal input is also fused (2A), relays are fused (20A) and in the 10-circuit box, the 10 additional non-relayed circuits are fused also (20A fuse included, recommend fusing your accessory to it’s recommended amperage.

5-circuit box offers 5 fused & relayed circuits for high-amperage items (up to 20A/ea),

10-circuit box offers 10 fused & relayed circuits for high-amperage items (up to 20A/ea) plus 10 additional fused (but not relayed) circuits for low-amperage items.  This means a total of 20 circuits (10 with relay, 10 without). We can make 30A relayed circuits at your request, the additional charge is $30 for higher capacity relays and larger power wire.

These power distribution boxes are completely waterproof and made in America!  Power and ground wire to connect to your battery or stock power bus bar is included.  Your low-amperage trigger wire from a switch triggers the relay that will power 20A/ea (so four 55W light bulbs for example).