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Air Ride Suspension

Big Dog Off Road Hummer Suspension Lift & Body Kits have a few questions for you.Tired of saggy front springs?  Tired of a crappy ride with a suspension lift from spring spacers?  Tired of crappy springs that ride like an old Mack truck?  This is the ultimate in comfort and drivability! 

Includes air springs, mounting brackets, adjustable suspension limiting straps (preset to standard configuration), air inflation valves, shock mounts, and all mounting hardware.

Want normal ride height for regular use and a suspension lift for when you go offroad?  Just raise your air pressure!  When you’re done on the trail just go back to your default suspension air pressure.

Want to fly down a dirt washboard road and not lose the fillings in your teeth?  This is the solution!

The truck we built this system on had 16″ of clearance at the front frame cross member (stock is about 17-1/2″ but all Hummer springs sag over time).  Now we’re at 24-1/2″ so that was 8-1/2″ bigger than stock.  We’re calling this a 6″ lift compared to new stock springs, but it’s realistically more like 6-1/2 to 7″ over stock depending on how it’s set up.  Install is simple and we provide both written and video directions with tips.

We also carry a large line of accessories including compressors, electronically controlled manifolds with a wired remote or wireless remote, auto-leveling system, tanks, etc, etc, etc.  Please call us for details and we can work up a quote to build the system you want.



Check out our preliminary video demo here:

Body Lift

″ Body lift is one of the most common upgrades you can do to your Hummer.  From increased ground clearance at the rocker panels to being able to add bigger tires, to increased ease of serviceability it’s not surprising this is one of the most popular upgrades year after year for your Hummer.

A ″ body lift is fairly straightforward to install.  Going to anything bigger than 2″ does require additional labor to install and everything gets more complicated.

Our body lifts are made in Colorado, these are not a product resold from another vendor.  The fuel tank supports that we use are substantially easier to install than all other body lifts on the market.  Lift spacers are made from black virgin High-Density Polyethylene with a temperature operating range from -58F to 194F.

2″ Inch Body Lift
3″ Inc Body Lift
4″ Inch Body Lift
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