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Big Dog Off Road Shop

We set ourselves apart by building functional products that no one else makes.  We don’t usually just resell parts from other vendors, we design and make our own.  Some products we sell are similar to others (such as body lifts, rock tubes, rocker panel protection, etc) but have been designed with a higher attention to detail than other similar products on the market.  Our one-of-a-kind products such as our 6″ air ride suspension lift, our Alpha steering retrofit kit, and other products in design are the ones we are the proudest of.  We are also selling Hutchinson 2-piece 20″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels, heating systems for your Hummer including in cab diesel fired heaters and coolant heaters to heat and circulate your engine’s coolant to keep your truck warm in very cold climates.  All of these products will be used on our upcoming project to build a Hummer HMCS (wagon) with air ride, steering upgrade, Cummins 6.7, Allison 1000 6-speed transmission, and cold weather modifications!!!  Stay tuned!